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No Incentives for Engine Makers

"The principal thing I feel on a Monday morning after a race of our autos haven't won is agony," Ron Dennis, current director and CEO of the McLaren Group, once notably commented. The torment has been begun before on numerous race weekends this season. Things have been severe since…

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New Upcoming 2015 Automobiles

2015 is one of the busiest years for the Automobile industry as many anticipated new launches and facelifts of new cars, SUV and even MUV are coming this year. Some cars are already in the market and are open for sale and their facelifts or little modification are also coming this year.  Almost…

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The Next Generation Vehicle

Mahindra has taken over the Reva Electrical car company and has started manufacturing of eco-friendly electric vehicles which are also compact ones. The company has invested around INR 150 crores and also gets some aids by the govt. For this project. The company is now working on three electric…

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Leading automotive industries

Being the second largest automotive producer in the world USA marks some major industries among the world. There were over 1,800 automobile manufacturers in the United States from 1896 to 1930. Very few survived and only few new existed. The automotive industries of America that are running…

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Basics of Car Racing Tracks

Car racing as a sport is enjoyed by millions all over the world. However, one should remember that an excellent racing track makes the experience even more challenging and thrilling. Meticulous planning and excellent design capabilities contribute towards an interesting and intriguing racetrack for…

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Erik Jones Just for Kansas: Will Kyle Busch Return as No. 18

Since Erik Jones has been confirm only for Kansas, there is great buzz regarding the return of Busch as No. 18 to famous Sprint Cup Series. The buzz started when Erik Jones who is current replacement in No. 18 Toyota of Busch, was inquired about his next schedule. However, a Thursday official…

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