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Update on the VW diesel scandal

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV or laptop in the last weeks, you have undoubtedly heard about the VW scandal. It changed the market overnight. What actually happened? In order to sell cars in the U.S, manufacturers of automobiles have to pass the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) Acts…

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How to winter-proof your car

Car lovers around the world know how to cherish, care and have love and extensive compassion for their vehicles, but do they know how to properly take care of them year-round? Cars deserve a particularly large amount of attention because in the event of many emergencies, they are the only source of…

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NHTSA Investigating Two Airbag Ruptures With Non-Takata Inflators

This week, documents that were posted by the country’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that there is currently an investigation that is being carried out by federal government on a certain airbag supplier that had its inflators rupture and as a result injuring two…

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Car Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a car is very vital as the way you keep it, the longer the car will last. If you don't take proper care of the car, chances are there that the car will create a huge hole in your pocket. Taking some small actions can prevent a huge expense from your budget. The best tips can be…

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Justin Wilson's Car Will Participate In Indycar Season Finale

Justin Wilson passed away last Sunday at Pocono IndyCar 500 when his car got caught by debris, forcing his car to crash into a wall. The whole racing community was shocked by the event. For the Season Finale at Sonoma Raceway, Wilson´s car will be racing after all. The seat will be taken by…

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Jamie Dick crashes at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Jamie Dick has had a huge crash this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The accident took place during the Xfinity series. Jamie Dick collided into a concrete wall rather hard. This accident comes on the heels of an incident last week in which a piece of shrapnel crashed through his windshield and…

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