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Emission problems for Fiat Chrysler

This is the fourth consecutive year that Fiat Chrysler has been ranked last for carbon dioxide emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency. Fiat Chrysler has begun making plans to ensure the carbon dioxide emissions sharply decline in this next year. Fiat is facing some tough competition with…

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GM plans major investment in Michigan

General Motors is one of the giant companies producing cars and utility vehicles. Even though they have numerous factories, they decided that they needed something more. Michigan is the lucky city this time as General Motors will be investing millions in their factory in Flint, Michigan. General…

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Update on the VW diesel scandal

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV or laptop in the last weeks, you have undoubtedly heard about the VW scandal. It changed the market overnight. What actually happened? In order to sell cars in the U.S, manufacturers of automobiles have to pass the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) Acts…

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How to winter-proof your car

Car lovers around the world know how to cherish, care and have love and extensive compassion for their vehicles, but do they know how to properly take care of them year-round? Cars deserve a particularly large amount of attention because in the event of many emergencies, they are the only source of…

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Nascar Sprint Cup 2015

For car passionate fans, Nascar is the biggest event of the year. The famous race reunites drivers from all over the world, all sharing the same goal: to prove that they are the best racers. The Nascar Sprint Cup 2015 was the 67th season of the race, and it was televised on various TV channels.…

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One of the best, Stafford Motor Speedway, is a semi-banked half mile paved in oval shape and situated in Stafford Springs, in the district of Connecticut. It is also a part of the famous and prestigious NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Not only this, it also hosts several other racing events on…

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