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What are auto recalls and 2 of the latest recalls

When it comes to buying a new car, you probably put safety at the top of priorities. That and a good stereo, maybe. When a car manufacturer or the NHTSA has determined that a car, the equipment, the seats, or tires pose unnecessary risk for the driver or passengers, then a recall is made. When a car…

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Tesla fights GM

General Motors has a great history in the automotive industry and it is probably the most important company to consider whenever a law about cars is passed. However, sometimes the company can focus more on their profits than they do on the benefits to their clients, and this is what seems that…

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Emission problems for Fiat Chrysler

This is the fourth consecutive year that Fiat Chrysler has been ranked last for carbon dioxide emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency. Fiat Chrysler has begun making plans to ensure the carbon dioxide emissions sharply decline in this next year. Fiat is facing some tough competition with…

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GM plans major investment in Michigan

General Motors is one of the giant companies producing cars and utility vehicles. Even though they have numerous factories, they decided that they needed something more. Michigan is the lucky city this time as General Motors will be investing millions in their factory in Flint, Michigan. General…

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A. J. Foyt and Mario Andretti

For people who are passionate about cars, A.J Foyt and Mario Andretti are two of the best known drivers in the world. They have changed the face of the sport of car racing. Now, the two professional drivers are no longer in any competition, so they are using their talent, skills, and connections to…

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Nascar Sprint Cup 2015

For car passionate fans, Nascar is the biggest event of the year. The famous race reunites drivers from all over the world, all sharing the same goal: to prove that they are the best racers. The Nascar Sprint Cup 2015 was the 67th season of the race, and it was televised on various TV channels.…

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